About hotel Apartments in Buzuluk, Buzuluk

You have arrived in Buzuluk and need a place to stay. Rent apartment by the day in this case is simply necessary. To rent apartment by the day in Buzuluk, more attractive than for example a hotel. The quality and availability of hotels in Buzuluk is clearly not at the height of immigration to the apartment for rent allows to avoid large expenditures. Besides, all hotels in Buzuluk constantly busy, and the apartment on the day there always. You want to stay with a dear (Oh) you in a romantic setting. In this case, just need to rent a good apartment, you will be able to change the situation, to make his personal life more interesting and varied. ATTENTION! All of the pictures on website are 100% real apartment.


Data policies are General and may vary depending on room type. Please check out the description of Your room.
Check-in 12:00 PM
Check-out 2:00 PM
Booking cancellation Cancellation no later than the day before the settlement

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